Polishing Wooden Furniture


There is nothing as elegant in a home as a piece of beautiful wooden furniture. Almost all homes in Dubai have at least one statement furniture piece made of wood. A beautifully polished piece of wooden furniture has its own distinct charm. Maintaining that glossy shine and smooth polish on the wood is not an easy task. It can be damaged by a single drop of water or liquid. Most maids in Dubai do not take care while cleaning the furniture and may damage the polish by using a damp or moistened duster to clean it. To keep your maid in Dubai from damaging the furniture here are a few things you need to teach her about cleaning and caring for wooden furniture.

Care Tips For Wooden Furniture

Dusting: Use a soft duster or microfiber noodle gloves for dusting the furniture. Feather dusters are also a good option as they are gentle on the surface and do not scratch or damage the polish. Do not rub too hard as the veneer and polish on the furniture may wear off leaving dull spots on the surface. The furniture can be dusted every day. For carved pieces, you may occasionally use vacuum to pull out dust from the carvings.

Cleaning: It is best not to use any spray on the wooden surfaces unless they have a PU coating on it. You should check your manufacturer’s care instructions before you start cleaning it. If it is an old piece, it is most likely that it has expensive lacquer or French polish on it. This can be completely destroyed with any liquid, especially water based liquids. Polishing these items again can be really expensive. If there are some spots or marks on the furniture, you best bet is to use a lightly moistened cloth and rub it gently to remove the spot. This should be done regularly about once or twice month.

Polish / Wax: The wooden furniture needs to be treated to ensure that the wood does not become too dry and start to crack. Hence, it needs to be waxed or oiled occasionally. The choice is between using wax or furniture polish. There are many different options for polishes available in the market. A lot of them are spray on polishes which are easy to use and do not require too much hard work to create the perfect shiny smooth surface that makes the wooden furniture so desirable and classy. Wax requires a lot of work but gives a more lasting and beautiful gleam on the surface as opposed to the high gloss that you may get from a spray on polish. You can decide which product to use based upon your own personal preference. Polishing should not be done too often as it may start caking the surface and leave a gummy sticky surface. Wooden furniture should be polished only once a tear or so.

These tips will hopefully keep your wooden furniture looking beautiful and well cared for.

Cleaning of Airconditioning Ducts and Ceiling Tiles in Commercial Places

Commercial Cleaning is an entirely different ball game than residential cleaning, and you cannot mix the two together. Dubai has a lot of commercial space, and for those spaces what is required are commercial cleaning services in Dubai. One of the areas of work that a commercial cleaning service has to attend to is the cleaning of the false ceilings and the ventilations and AC ducts.

Why Clean AC Ducts

Though they may be hidden away and not visible, it doesn’t mean that they do not get dirty or dusty. Infact, they get more dusty and dirty than anything else in the office, mainly because they are not cleaned as often as the visible areas. This means that a huge amount of dust accumulates in these hidden areas and if not cleaned, could become a health hazard. As we know dust causes, allergies and poses a serious health risk with dust mites that breed in it. Each day as the people move in and out of commercial places they bring in atmospheric dust, dander, dead skin, chemical particles, etc. When the climate control system are at work, they pull these component of dust into the ducts and it accumulates there.

When to clean the Air Ducts

The first sign that all is not well is when you take a close look at the AC vents. If you see that there is a lot of accumulation of dust and grime on the vents, you can be sure that there is dust and grime inside the ventilation system too. There should be a proper schedule to clean the vents and the ducts. While vents catch most of the dust, there is some that gets into the ducts too. So the vents need to be cleaned at least once a year. The ducts can be cleaned once in 3 years and this must be done by a commercial cleaning service.

Ceiling Cleaning

There is nothing more unsightly than dirty ceiling tiles and fixtures. The same dust particles that accumulate on the vents and ducts also find their way onto the ceiling and the fixtures, though to a lesser degree. But over time it can create a dirty and dusty ceiling that not only looks awful but also becomes a health hazard. These too should be cleaned at a regular interval to keep the ceiling looking good.

Cleaning ceilings, Ac vents and ducts requires special equipment and expertise that is not available with all cleaning services. You may enquire from your cleaning service if they can do it for you, or you can hire a commercial cleaning service in Dubai that specializes in ceiling and AC systems cleaning to come in on a scheduled basis to clean up your commercial space.


Cleaning your air ducts and vents can save you a lot on your electricity bills. It can cut it down, by some estimates, as much as 40%. That is a lot of saving for a little money and time spent on cleaning your place and making it more hygienic.


Does Your Dubai Maid Know How to Clean A Mattress Properly

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A Mattress Should Be Cleaned Regularly

How to Clean a Mattress Properly

Though we think that our mattresses are clean, in reality, there is a lot of buildup of dead cells, bodily fluids, etc. that make the mattress really dirty. Ambient dust and dirt also settle on the mattress making it dirty and often smelly. It is important that your Dubai maids ensure that the mattress is cleaned and refreshed from time to time to keep it free of dust and dirt.

We spend a considerable amount of time in our beds and if our mattress is dirty, dusty or moldy, it could make you sick. This is especially true of people who are sensitive and have allergies to dust and mold. Dust also harbors dust mites that are responsible for a lot of respiratory conditions. Moreover, we also rub off toiletries, oils, chemicals that we use on our bodies off on the bedding and from there on to the mattress. So all this builds up making the mattress dirty and necessitates a cleaning and refreshing. Though, most Dubai maids do know how to refresh and clean a mattress while deep cleaning, you should know the process too so you can supervise it.

Before you begin

Remove all the bed clothes, sheets, pillows, etc. from the bed. If you have a mattress cover, remove the mattress cover too. Put in everything for a hot wash so as to clean it properly and kill all the dust mites that may be in the bedding. Once the washing is over, take it all out in the sun and dry it completely before bringing it back in.

Starting with the mattress

First, use a vacuum cleaner to over the top of the mattress. Start from one end and make your way to the other making sure that you cover every inch of the surface. Next vacuum the sides too.

Deodorizing the mattress

Next, you need to deodorize the mattress. Over time our bodily fluids accumulate and create a strange musky smell that needs to be eliminated to make the mattress smell nice. The best way to do this is to use baking soda. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the mattress, scrub it in with a scrubbing brush and leave it for a few hours. Then vacuum it off again. The baking soda helps to get rid of the odors.

Remove the stains

Most of the stains on the mattress are from our body. If you are one of those people who like to eat in bed, then you may have food stains and spill marks. You may also have chemical spills from makeup and cosmetics, etc. Each type of stain needs a different treatment and requires care while removing. Check our post on removing stains to know what to use for which stain.

Once you have finished on one side, flip the mattress over and repeat the same process for the other side.

If possible take the mattress out and leave it in the sun for a while. Then spray with some lemon oil over the mattress and remake the bed.

Public Restroom Cleaning

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Public Restrooms May Appear Clean


Commercial Cleaning: Restroom Sanitation

One of the most important jobs for any commercial cleaning or Dubai maids service is to clean the restrooms properly and sanitizing them. It is perhaps the most difficult area to clean in any commercial establishments. Unlike a home toilet, dozens of people use the public restrooms every day. They can carry all sorts of germs and bacteria that can make people sick. Moreover, the level of hygiene and cleanliness of the restroom can directly affect the overall impression of an establishment. So, having a clean restroom is essential to any commercial enterprise.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Though, most people gauge the cleanliness of a public restroom from the toilet bowl and the seat that is not the only area which should be sanitized. To have a really clean and germ-free restroom, it is imperative to have a detailed restroom sanitation procedure that the cleaning staff should follow. Dirt and soil can harbor germs and bacteria for diseases such as salmonella, E.Coli, influenza, etc. Cleaning to remove the dirt and soils is the first step of sanitizing a restroom, the next step is disinfecting it with a strong disinfectant to kill and remove and germs.

Cleaning and disinfecting of public restrooms should not be just once a day. It has to be multiple times a day routine to ensure the hygiene of the restroom. This is especially true of places like Malls, Railway Stations, Airports, and other such areas where there are a large number of people using the restrooms. Hence, it is important that the cleaning staff is well trained in cleaning not only for appearance but also for hygiene and have a routine that ensures thorough cleaning.


Not Just The Toilet Seat

Though a public restroom may appear to be clean, it is not essential that it is actually clean. Cleanliness of a toilet is not just about the toilet bowl and the seat. It is about every part of the restroom including the toilet paper, door knobs, flushing buttons, taps, etc. Every single thing within the restroom can be subject to cross-contamination. Germs can lurk everywhere people touch or the flush spray can reach.


Dubai Maids: Keeping a Hygienic Restroom

Knowing which areas can harbor the most germs can also help the cleaning staff to clean most effectively.

  • In any restroom, the most unhygienic thing can be the dustbins, especially those kept in the cubicle for female disposal. These should be disinfected regularly to prevent germs from breeding on it.
  • All toilet paper dispensers should be covered to prevent contamination from flush spray.
  • If possible, there should be disposable toilet seat covers placed in the cubicle for use. If these are not provided, then the staff should ensure that the toilet seat is disinfected after every use.
  • All high touch areas like the doors, door handles, faucet handles, flush handles, soap dispensers, light switches, etc. should be disinfected.
  • The floor should be swept, mopped and disinfected several times a day.


The restroom cleaning staff and Dubai maids should have a checklist of all the tasks that they need to perform. This would ensure a hygienic restroom.

Taking Care of Carpets and Rugs

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The deeper the pile, the more care a rug need

Carpet Cleaning For Dubai Maids

It is hard to imagine a home that does not have a floor covering of some sort or the other. Almost all homes have at least one carpet, rug or a mat to enhance the interiors of a room and add to its ambiance. A good well-chosen rug can instantly lift up a room’s overall appeal. But, keeping a carpet clean is not easy. Most Dubai maids don’t bother doing more than going over once with a vacuum cleaner to clean a carpet. But it needs much more than that.

Carpets and Dirt

Carpets are subjected to a lot of abuse anywhere. People walk on it with dirty feet and dusty shoes. Pets sit on it shedding hair and dander as well as slobbering all over it. Kids lounge around on it, eat and drink on it and spill and stain it. From bodily fluids to dirt, dust and food, a carpet has to take it all. In most houses, the carpet is not cleaned every day, so the dirt and food gets into the carpet and there it stays. It can also get mould, mildew and fungus on it, making it a health hazard. This is why a carpet or rug needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Don’t leave it on your Dubai Maid to clean it once in a while, create a schedule to clean the carpet properly.

Before Cleaning a Carpet

Carpets are many different types and made of all sorts of fibers. From wool, silk, cotton to synthetic polymers, carpets can be made from a variety of materials. The carpets can be piled or without pile. The piling also can be of different length and density, all this has to be taken into consideration before cleaning a carpet.

Cleaning a Carpet

A carpet should be cleaned regularly. Once or twice a year it should be deep cleaned to sanitize it. It should be deodorized once in a while. All spills and stains should be dealt with as soon as possible

Regular Cleaning by Dubai Maids

The best way to clean a carpet is to vacuum it regularly. Make sure that you have a powerful vacuum with a special carpet attachment to clean the carpet. Run the vacuum cleaner over every inch of the carpet. It the carpet has a pile, then run it against the pile to loosen and pick up dirt and dust from between the pile.

Deep Cleaning

It is best to call a professional cleaner for deep cleaning a carpet as it involves a lot of work. The carpet should be cleaned, all stains and odors removed and it should be sanitized. This may require a professional equipment. If you find that the professional cleaners are expensive, you might want to rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself. If you have a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can try that to clean your carpet.


Carpet needs to be deodorized from time to time as it can start to smell musty over time. You can use baking soda to do the trick.

Removing Stains and Spills

Getting to the spills and stains as soon as possible is the first step to cleaning it. If you leave it, then it might get into the pile and be harder to get off. Soak up the spills with an absorbent cloth like an old cotton towel. Then treat the area for any spots. The treatment for spots and stains will completely depend upon the material and type of carpet. If you are not sure, call a professional to remove the stains.

Placing barrier mats is a good way to save your carpet from getting too dirty.

Dubai Maids and Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

dubai maids
Upholstered furniture needs great care to maintain it

The Woes of Upholstered Furniture

Practically every home has at least one piece of furniture that is covered in upholstery. If you love comfortable furniture, then it is quite likely you have a whole house full of it. Upholstered furniture looks good and if comfortable. Moreover, everyone loves it except perhaps your Dubai maids, who have to clean it and keep it fresh. That, we know, is not an easy job, even for expert cleaners.

Since, upholstered furniture is so comfortable, everyone from you, the kids to the pets love to lounge around on it. This means that it is subjected to food spills, crumbs, dirty hands and feet, pet hair and paw prints, the list is practically unending. This means that if you are not diligent about cleaning the furniture, you can end up with a very dirty and unhygienic sofa that smells.

Get Dubai Maids to Clean Upholstered Furniture

Cleaning a sofa or a chair that is upholstered is not always easy. A lot depends upon the material that it is covered with. Especially when it comes to stain removal, you have to be extremely careful of what you use. Most synthetic materials and leather or faux leather are easier to clean but can be damaged if the wrong cleaning product is used. Cotton is probably the easiest of the fabrics to clean. It doesn’t hold on to the stains like some of the other synthetic materials and can be cleaned with simple soap and water.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning, you can either use a vacuum cleaner or and upholstery brush to clean the furniture. Daily cleaning will not require much except removing animal hair and food crumbs off the fabric and making sure that there are no stains that have to be removed. If you are using the brush every day, it would be wise to ask your Dubai maids to use the vacuum cleaner at least once a week to thoroughly clean the furniture. This should include getting into crevasses and between cushions as well as the tufting if any. If the fabric has a nap or is a plush fabric like velour or velvet, then vacuum in the direction of the nap to enable the vacuum to completely pull out the dirt from between the nap.

Dealing with Spills

The best way to deal with spills is to treat it immediately. This prevents the stain to set in. Use an absorbent cotton cloth to lift up as much of the spill as possible. Do not rub it in as it will set into the fabric and cause a permanent stain. If the stain has set in, then, depending upon the fabric you have, you will have to use a solvent or water to loosen the stain and then lift it up to lighten it as much as possible. Go over it a second time, if it hasn’t gone after the second time, leave it alone and call a professional. Do not continue any further, you might damage the fabric.

Once a year, it is good to have a thorough and deep clean of all upholstery in the house. This includes deodorizing and sanitizing it. You might need to call in professional Dubai maids for the deep cleaning as they have the equipment as well as the knowledge to deal with upholstery.

Mattress Cleaning Made Easy for Dubai Maids

dubai maids
Sleeping on a dirty mattress is unhygienic

Mattress and Dirt

You may be lying back on your mattress to relax after a day of hard work, but you may be courting disaster if your mattress isn’t clean. Most Dubai Maids you hire may change your bedsheets, pillow cases and covers, but do they ever clean the mattress? Very few of us realize that the mattress requires periodical cleaning too. Every time we sleep on the bed we bring in dust, dirt and germs into the bed from our feet and our clothes. Also, we shed our dead skin cells that fall on to the bed. Then there is the atmospheric dust that is always there. This makes the bed quite a dirty place if not cleaned regularly.

You may say that there are sheets and mattress covers to take care of it, but, despite all that, the mattress does get dirty. It is subject to spots, spills and stains. If not cleaned regularly, it can get infested with dust mites that cause allergic reactions.

Dirty Mattress

A mattress, as already mentioned, can have dust mites and other similar microscopic creatures. Besides that, it can also get contaminated by our sweat, urine, blood, saliva and other bodily fluids. If there is dampness in the house or the mattress hasn’t been aired in a while, it can also have mould, fungus and mildew on it. Most of this is not visible to the naked eye, but it all goes to make your mattress unhygienic.

Set a Cleaning Routine With Your Dubai Maids

Mattresses should be cleaned regularly and once in a while, they should be deep cleaned. Most mattress manufacturers recommend turning your mattress over and around every few weeks. You can take this opportunity to clean and deodorize the mattress. Your mattress cleaning routine should include the following:


The mattress should be regularly vacuumed. Remove all the bedsheets, mattress protector and whatever else you may have on top of your mattress and then vacuum it thoroughly all over. Over the top, underneath along the sides. Make sure you cover every inch of the mattress with the vacuum cleaner. This will remove all the dead cells and dust mites as well as other microscopic beings that are living in the mattress.


Next step is to remove any odors. Though we may not notice it, over time, the sweat and oils from our body permeate the mattress and make it smelly. Deodorizing is a good way to keep that smell down. One of the best ways to deodorize your mattress is to use baking soda, though you may use commercial deodorizing products too if you so wish. Sprinkle the baking soda over the mattress and leave it there for a few hours. Vacuuming the baking soda up and your mattress will smell fresh again.

Removing Stains

If there are any stains on the mattress, this is the time to attack them. Different types of stains require different treatment and we will discuss those in another post. So make sure that all the stains are gone and then leave the mattress to air for a bit before you start making the bed again.

If you have enough space outside to leave the mattress out in the sun, it is a good idea to do so. This ensures that the mattress is thoroughly dry and also the sun sanitizes it. Vacuum it again before putting it back on the bed and making your bed.

The joy of sleeping on a clean and nice smelling mattress is great! Get a professional Dubai Maids Service to clean your mattress now.

Hiring Commercial Cleaners, Dubai Maids

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Commercial Cleaning

Why Commercial Dubai Maids

When you run a business, you do not want to come early in the morning or stay back late after closing hours to clean up the place. But having a clean establishment, especially one that is customer oriented like a shop or a store, is an essential part of your business. No one likes to go into a shop that is dirty and dingy looking. You also do not get any goodwill points for having dirty washrooms. Hiring Dubai maids or commercial cleaning service may cost you a bit of money, but can help you build up your business and its profitability.

Looking For Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai

Finding a commercial cleaning service in Dubai is pretty easy. You need to login to a website such as the help4u.today and search for a cleaning agency offering commercial cleaning in your locality. You are likely to find several. Choose which one is the right one for you is a more difficult task. This involves comparing cleaning services and noting down which ones suit your budget and provide you the services you require and a few other little details.

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Service For Your business

To pick up the right commercial cleaning service or Dubai maids involves a careful consideration of many factors. These include:


Pick out those services that fit within your budget from all the ones that you find during your search. This shouldn’t mean that you pick up the cheapest one. Pick those that offer you services that you require within your budget.


Ask each company that you have picked for a quote. They are likely to visit your place to assess the work involved and then give you a quote. This again becomes another filter to weed out those services that do not fall within your budget.


By now you should have narrowed down your search to about 3 – 4 services or even less. Ask each for their license and insurance. This is important as you need the assurance that the cleaning company is a legitimate one and that it covers any accidents or incidences while at work. Do not hire a commercial cleaning service in Dubai without insurance or one that is not legally licensed.


Ask the company for references from establishments where they work or have worked. Go through these carefully and check with the references before committing yourself.


Though the company may want you to sign off on a contract immediately, do not do so. Ask them to work for a trial period before committing yourself. During this period you can assess their performance and see whether they suit your requirements. If they do, then you can proceed with the next step.

Negotiate for a long term contract

If you like the performance of the company, then go ahead and ask for a long term contract. This might save you a bit more money. Most commercial cleaners will give you a discount rate for long-term contract.

Do not get conned into hiring the first cleaning service you find. Check and recheck before you hire.