Commercial Cleaning is an entirely different ball game than residential cleaning, and you cannot mix the two together. Dubai has a lot of commercial space, and for those spaces what is required are commercial cleaning services in Dubai. One of the areas of work that a commercial cleaning service has to attend to is the cleaning of the false ceilings and the ventilations and AC ducts.

Why Clean AC Ducts

Though they may be hidden away and not visible, it doesn’t mean that they do not get dirty or dusty. Infact, they get more dusty and dirty than anything else in the office, mainly because they are not cleaned as often as the visible areas. This means that a huge amount of dust accumulates in these hidden areas and if not cleaned, could become a health hazard. As we know dust causes, allergies and poses a serious health risk with dust mites that breed in it. Each day as the people move in and out of commercial places they bring in atmospheric dust, dander, dead skin, chemical particles, etc. When the climate control system are at work, they pull these component of dust into the ducts and it accumulates there.

When to clean the Air Ducts

The first sign that all is not well is when you take a close look at the AC vents. If you see that there is a lot of accumulation of dust and grime on the vents, you can be sure that there is dust and grime inside the ventilation system too. There should be a proper schedule to clean the vents and the ducts. While vents catch most of the dust, there is some that gets into the ducts too. So the vents need to be cleaned at least once a year. The ducts can be cleaned once in 3 years and this must be done by a commercial cleaning service.

Ceiling Cleaning

There is nothing more unsightly than dirty ceiling tiles and fixtures. The same dust particles that accumulate on the vents and ducts also find their way onto the ceiling and the fixtures, though to a lesser degree. But over time it can create a dirty and dusty ceiling that not only looks awful but also becomes a health hazard. These too should be cleaned at a regular interval to keep the ceiling looking good.

Cleaning ceilings, Ac vents and ducts requires special equipment and expertise that is not available with all cleaning services. You may enquire from your cleaning service if they can do it for you, or you can hire a commercial cleaning service in Dubai that specializes in ceiling and AC systems cleaning to come in on a scheduled basis to clean up your commercial space.


Cleaning your air ducts and vents can save you a lot on your electricity bills. It can cut it down, by some estimates, as much as 40%. That is a lot of saving for a little money and time spent on cleaning your place and making it more hygienic.


Cleaning of Airconditioning Ducts and Ceiling Tiles in Commercial Places