Dubai Maids For Bathroom Cleaning

A clean bathroom is a sign of a well–run and hygienic home. But a lot of people do not find time to be able to do it properly or regularly. Pormaids4u are specialists in toilet and washroom cleaning. Our Dubai maids know all the places where the dirt can build up in a toilet. They get to work and when they finish you have a toilet that is squeaky clean and completely hygienic.

Dubai maids
Bathroom Cleaning

Dubai Maids’ bathroom Cleaning Routine

Our cleaning team will clean your bathroom from top to bottom.

  • They will clean cobwebs and dust down the walls.
  • Clean and descale the shower head open all the holes of the shower head so that it works properly
  • Shower cubicle gets special attention. Our Dubai maids clean and scrub the tiles, remove all stains and water marks. Clean the grout. Clean and unclog the drain. Shower curtains are cleaned and disinfected. If you havve a bath then that also gets a simial treatment.
  • Toilet bowl is cleaned and disinfected. All the area around and behind the toilet bowl is cleaned.
  • The sink can be the dirtiest part of the bathroom. From shaving to hair spray everything is done here and it can get really filthy. Our cleaners clean the sink and the back splash and the bathroom counter. They clean under and behind the sink and clean the drain.
  • All the bathroom fixtures are cleaned and polished to a gleam. The soap dishes are cleaned and soap deposits removed. The mirror is cleaned and polished to a spotless shine.
  • Finally, the floor is swept and wiped clean with a floor cleaner and disinfectant.

When we leave, you have a sweet-smelling spotlessly clean bathroom.

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