Dubai Maids for Commercial and Residential Cleaning

At promaids4u, we know the difference between commercial and residential cleaning. They are not alike and require different sets of skills to complete the job. Hence, promaids4u employs different sets of cleaners and Dubai maids for commercial and residential cleaning.

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commercial cleaning is done after hours.

Commercial Cleaning

promaids4u provides commercial cleaning services to shops, businesses, establishments and offices. We understand that the cleaning needs to be done at off time which is when your business is close to public. Hence, our cleaners arrive after closing time, either early in the morning or late in the night to clean. So, your business or work does not suffer or get disrupted. It is essential to get rid of germs and bacteria during the cleaning of commercial premises. There is also the need to work fast and efficiently. Our commercial cleaning team is well trained to the cleaning needs in a commercial set up. They will come and do their jobs so you have a clean and sanitized workplace in the morning.

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Residentia lcleaning is more idosynchratic

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning is more typical and client centric. Each client wishes to get their residence cleaned in a particular manner. Some clients can be sensitive to things being touched and moved around. Some want certain areas to be left alone, yet others might want to use particular cleaning products, while others demand that the cleaners clean a certain way. Our Dubai maids are well versed in dealing with clients. To ensure that there is proper interaction between the maid and the client, we train our residential cleaning team to communicate well and properly with the clients and understand their requirements. Our residential cleaners are taught to pay attention to details and not to ignore even the smallest of thing.

We are the best in our business as we listen to our clients and cater to their needs. We adapt our cleaning processes according to the client’s requirements.

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