Living Room Cleaning: Dubai Maids

Living room of any house is the most used room. The family including the pets use it all the time. From watching television, to entertaining friends it is used for everything. Sometimes, when there is a lack of space, then it even serves as a spare bedroom with the couch becoming a guest bed. It is no wonder then, that the living room needs more attention than other rooms in the house. Promaids4u has Dubai maids who are experts cleaners and know exactly how to clean a living room so it not only looks and smells great but is completely germ-free too.


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Vacuuming upholstery and removing stains

Living Room Cleaning Checklist for promaids4u Dubai maids

When our cleaners come to clean your living room, they clean the following:

  • Dust the walls. Remove cobwebs and any stains.
  • Sweep the floor
  • Mop the floor with a disinfectant.
  • Vacuum any rugs and carpet, or shampoo them if required.
  • Dust the furnishings and all the furniture.
  • Remove stains and clean the upholstery.
  • Dust and wipe the fixtures clean.
  • Sanitize all the switches and switchboards
  • Wipe clean and sanitize all telephones and remote controls.
  • Vacuum the curtains and blinds, or if instructed, change them.
  • Fluff up the cushions and change covers if instructed.
  • Clean and dust all wall hangings, mirrors, picture frames etc.
  • Dust and clean all art and curios in the room.

Our diligent and trustworthy staff will leave your living room looking like a billion dollars. Contact us now for living room cleaning services.