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Why Commercial Dubai Maids

When you run a business, you do not want to come early in the morning or stay back late after closing hours to clean up the place. But having a clean establishment, especially one that is customer oriented like a shop or a store, is an essential part of your business. No one likes to go into a shop that is dirty and dingy looking. You also do not get any goodwill points for having dirty washrooms. Hiring Dubai maids or commercial cleaning service may cost you a bit of money, but can help you build up your business and its profitability.

Looking For Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai

Finding a commercial cleaning service in Dubai is pretty easy. You need to login to a website such as the and search for a cleaning agency offering commercial cleaning in your locality. You are likely to find several. Choose which one is the right one for you is a more difficult task. This involves comparing cleaning services and noting down which ones suit your budget and provide you the services you require and a few other little details.

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Service For Your business

To pick up the right commercial cleaning service or Dubai maids involves a careful consideration of many factors. These include:


Pick out those services that fit within your budget from all the ones that you find during your search. This shouldn’t mean that you pick up the cheapest one. Pick those that offer you services that you require within your budget.


Ask each company that you have picked for a quote. They are likely to visit your place to assess the work involved and then give you a quote. This again becomes another filter to weed out those services that do not fall within your budget.


By now you should have narrowed down your search to about 3 – 4 services or even less. Ask each for their license and insurance. This is important as you need the assurance that the cleaning company is a legitimate one and that it covers any accidents or incidences while at work. Do not hire a commercial cleaning service in Dubai without insurance or one that is not legally licensed.


Ask the company for references from establishments where they work or have worked. Go through these carefully and check with the references before committing yourself.


Though the company may want you to sign off on a contract immediately, do not do so. Ask them to work for a trial period before committing yourself. During this period you can assess their performance and see whether they suit your requirements. If they do, then you can proceed with the next step.

Negotiate for a long term contract

If you like the performance of the company, then go ahead and ask for a long term contract. This might save you a bit more money. Most commercial cleaners will give you a discount rate for long-term contract.

Do not get conned into hiring the first cleaning service you find. Check and recheck before you hire.

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