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Sleeping on a dirty mattress is unhygienic

Mattress and Dirt

You may be lying back on your mattress to relax after a day of hard work, but you may be courting disaster if your mattress isn’t clean. Most Dubai Maids you hire may change your bedsheets, pillow cases and covers, but do they ever clean the mattress? Very few of us realize that the mattress requires periodical cleaning too. Every time we sleep on the bed we bring in dust, dirt and germs into the bed from our feet and our clothes. Also, we shed our dead skin cells that fall on to the bed. Then there is the atmospheric dust that is always there. This makes the bed quite a dirty place if not cleaned regularly.

You may say that there are sheets and mattress covers to take care of it, but, despite all that, the mattress does get dirty. It is subject to spots, spills and stains. If not cleaned regularly, it can get infested with dust mites that cause allergic reactions.

Dirty Mattress

A mattress, as already mentioned, can have dust mites and other similar microscopic creatures. Besides that, it can also get contaminated by our sweat, urine, blood, saliva and other bodily fluids. If there is dampness in the house or the mattress hasn’t been aired in a while, it can also have mould, fungus and mildew on it. Most of this is not visible to the naked eye, but it all goes to make your mattress unhygienic.

Set a Cleaning Routine With Your Dubai Maids

Mattresses should be cleaned regularly and once in a while, they should be deep cleaned. Most mattress manufacturers recommend turning your mattress over and around every few weeks. You can take this opportunity to clean and deodorize the mattress. Your mattress cleaning routine should include the following:


The mattress should be regularly vacuumed. Remove all the bedsheets, mattress protector and whatever else you may have on top of your mattress and then vacuum it thoroughly all over. Over the top, underneath along the sides. Make sure you cover every inch of the mattress with the vacuum cleaner. This will remove all the dead cells and dust mites as well as other microscopic beings that are living in the mattress.


Next step is to remove any odors. Though we may not notice it, over time, the sweat and oils from our body permeate the mattress and make it smelly. Deodorizing is a good way to keep that smell down. One of the best ways to deodorize your mattress is to use baking soda, though you may use commercial deodorizing products too if you so wish. Sprinkle the baking soda over the mattress and leave it there for a few hours. Vacuuming the baking soda up and your mattress will smell fresh again.

Removing Stains

If there are any stains on the mattress, this is the time to attack them. Different types of stains require different treatment and we will discuss those in another post. So make sure that all the stains are gone and then leave the mattress to air for a bit before you start making the bed again.

If you have enough space outside to leave the mattress out in the sun, it is a good idea to do so. This ensures that the mattress is thoroughly dry and also the sun sanitizes it. Vacuum it again before putting it back on the bed and making your bed.

The joy of sleeping on a clean and nice smelling mattress is great! Get a professional Dubai Maids Service to clean your mattress now.

Mattress Cleaning Made Easy for Dubai Maids
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