There is nothing as elegant in a home as a piece of beautiful wooden furniture. Almost all homes in Dubai have at least one statement furniture piece made of wood. A beautifully polished piece of wooden furniture has its own distinct charm. Maintaining that glossy shine and smooth polish on the wood is not an easy task. It can be damaged by a single drop of water or liquid. Most maids in Dubai do not take care while cleaning the furniture and may damage the polish by using a damp or moistened duster to clean it. To keep your maid in Dubai from damaging the furniture here are a few things you need to teach her about cleaning and caring for wooden furniture.

Care Tips For Wooden Furniture

Dusting: Use a soft duster or microfiber noodle gloves for dusting the furniture. Feather dusters are also a good option as they are gentle on the surface and do not scratch or damage the polish. Do not rub too hard as the veneer and polish on the furniture may wear off leaving dull spots on the surface. The furniture can be dusted every day. For carved pieces, you may occasionally use vacuum to pull out dust from the carvings.

Cleaning: It is best not to use any spray on the wooden surfaces unless they have a PU coating on it. You should check your manufacturer’s care instructions before you start cleaning it. If it is an old piece, it is most likely that it has expensive lacquer or French polish on it. This can be completely destroyed with any liquid, especially water based liquids. Polishing these items again can be really expensive. If there are some spots or marks on the furniture, you best bet is to use a lightly moistened cloth and rub it gently to remove the spot. This should be done regularly about once or twice month.

Polish / Wax: The wooden furniture needs to be treated to ensure that the wood does not become too dry and start to crack. Hence, it needs to be waxed or oiled occasionally. The choice is between using wax or furniture polish. There are many different options for polishes available in the market. A lot of them are spray on polishes which are easy to use and do not require too much hard work to create the perfect shiny smooth surface that makes the wooden furniture so desirable and classy. Wax requires a lot of work but gives a more lasting and beautiful gleam on the surface as opposed to the high gloss that you may get from a spray on polish. You can decide which product to use based upon your own personal preference. Polishing should not be done too often as it may start caking the surface and leave a gummy sticky surface. Wooden furniture should be polished only once a tear or so.

These tips will hopefully keep your wooden furniture looking beautiful and well cared for.

Polishing Wooden Furniture
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